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I haven’t been here for almost two months. I have to admit – I neglected this blog. In my defense, I can say that I had reasons for it, and the main one was that for the last 5 months, I was completely absorbed in the topic of… buying a house. I’ll admit right away that I didn’t plan it at all, certainly not in such a short time frame. However, certain circumstances (some favorable, others forcing action) influenced me to, admittedly a bit impulsively, buy a house. Searching for the right property, negotiations with developers, reservation agreements, arranging a mortgage, clearing other financial obligations, creating budgets to check if we could afford it at all, alongside my professional work, child, and the fact that sometimes one needs to sleep. That’s how my last few months looked, and it shouldn’t be too hard to understand that in such a case, a hobby blog took a back seat. Okay, but let’s start from the beginning.

My wife and I are city dwellers, and we’re quite comfortable in our 60-square-meter apartment, although it must be admitted that we miss a bit of space, especially in the kitchen, and especially after the birth of our daughter. Somewhere along the way, we tentatively planned to build or buy a house outside the city, but these plans were never something concrete and within any defined time frame. It was more like talking in the sense of – maybe someday we’ll buy a piece of land in a nice place, then we’ll calmly clear it, find a nice house project, and slowly start building. It wasn’t yet the right moment. Until one day, while walking the dog, I was listening to the podcast Finanse Bardzo Osobiste (ang. very personal finances), and a very intriguing term came up: Program Bezpieczny Kredyt 2% (ang. Secure Loan Program 2%). Without much thought, I put the phrase into the search engine and started reading more articles outlining the principles and rules of this program. It turned out that as a married couple, we met all the requirements, and the program itself was quite an attractive option. I plan a separate post about BK2, so I won’t go into detail here. I’ll just say that it was the catalyst that started the whole buying frenzy that completely consumed me.

So what is this post about? I wanted to inform you that I’m alive, haven’t forgotten about the blog, and plan to come back here, while also attempting to explain my absence. I hope this post will be the first to break the silence that has prevailed here for the last two months. Seriously, I intend to resume publishing, perhaps not as regularly as before, but there will definitely be more posts from me here. There’s just one problem that may disappoint some and lead to removing this blog from the list of subscribed RSS channels. This is the moment when I’ll finish the sentence started in the title of this post – I’m back after a break, but… because now my passion project is house, you can expect that at least for some time I’ll be writing more on topics related to it. I know that a considerable number of people visit this blog only for my IT-related guides.

My wife always says that my brain works in a way that I always have some passion project that absorbs me completely. It’s a topic I delve into, dissecting it into elementary parts, analyzing, and putting it back together. Sometimes it’s a blog, and other times an idea for a website/tool that popped into my head. My biggest life project is my daughter, but it seems that the house can be the second on the list. So, I already have a plan in my head for several posts related to topics such as loans, property search, and my adventures in finishing from the developer’s state to moving in. These won’t be expert posts because what do I know about finances or buildings construction. However, they will be based on my experience gained throughout the entire house-buying process, and I think they might be useful to someone. I’m aware that not everyone may be interested. Well, I never wrote this blog for applause. I see it more as a safety valve that allows me to relax in a creative way. After all, it’s a personal blog, heck! It’s even signed with my first and last name, not some fancy name 😉

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    I’m back after a break, but… [ENG 🇬🇧]